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Miami Restaurant Design

What We Do:

Many of our pieces are created exclusively for our clients. We supply all the essentials for a praiseworthy project. We provide consultations, resulting in a bespoke style that is tailored to your taste. If there is something you've had your eye on, but doesn't quite fit the space, we can recreate it to fit your desired dimensions and vision for any hospitality or commercial project.

Whether it is custom restaurant booths, hotel furniture, or night club renovations, we have an innovative touch to modern day design. From start to finish, we offer complete millwork, upholstery, re-upholstery and window treatments while maintaining the integrity of your handcrafted pieces.

The central obstacle in a typical design project is communication; however, V & V Furniture Designs excels in establishing a clear line of communication with our clients. The ability to complete world-class projects within various budget parameters is the result of a client-centered approach that often requires custom adjustments. This includes creative problem-solving and precision.

For over three generations, our team has been dedicated to providing the right furniture and interior solutions for the most complicated design challenges.

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